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Enter a new dimension of accuracy with encoders that measure up to six degrees of freedom

Discover encoders that measure more than a single degree of freedom, including the LIP 6000 Dplus and the new GAP 1000. The additional feedback from their MULTI-DOF TECHNOLOGY results in far greater measurement accuracy, letting you detect and compensate for system-relevant positional error in multiple dimensions.

LIP 6000 Dplus : 1 scale, 1 scanning head, 2 degrees of freedom

The LIP 6000 Dplus features one graduation carrier with two separate graduations angled diagonally at +45° and –45°. A special scanning head with a scanning field for each graduation directly and accurately measures the primary direction X and the secondary direction Y over the entire measuring length. Thanks to the EnDat 3 interface, the two position values are sent to the control via a single cable. This significantly reduces cabling, simplifies installation, and optimizes the motion system’s dynamic performance.

GAP 1081: out-of-plane gap measurement

The new GAP 1081 is the first gap encoder from HEIDENHAIN. It measures the vertical gap between a special mirror and the scanning head. As a result, the GAP 1081 can be used for simple vertical positioning tasks. Or it can be installed parallel to a linear encoder, such as the LIP 6000 Dplus, for continuous vertical measurement along a linear axis. Mirrors for the GAP 1081 are available in lengths of up to 3 m. When two scanning heads are deployed on one mirror, both the pitch and yaw of the axis can be measured.

Enter a new dimension: the highlights from ETEL and NUMERIK JENA

CHARON2 XT: improved performance with lower TCO

Greater accuracy, reduced mass and a smaller footprint: the CHARON2 XT stacked platform from ETEL takes up just half the surface area of a conventional XY table. Its low-mass moving parts enable higher productivity, and its ETEL software with intelligent mapping functionality ensures superb real-time accuracy everywhere within the work envelope.

VULCANO2: instant precision positioning

Attain exceptional throughput and accuracy combined with heavy payloads, high utilization rates and wide traverse ranges: The VULCANO2 stacked platform from ETEL is ideal for a wide range of applications, from front-end wafer inspection to back-end flip-chip processes. Its QUIET active isolation system ensures zero settling time for maximum productivity.

RTMB+, TUCANA ST und AQUARIUS ST: new horizons in turret handling

Handle larger components, improve performance, and make your process more reliable: RTMB+ rotary tables from ETEL offer high speeds and payloads, while the TUCANA ST and AQUARIUS ST short-stroke actuators ensure zero stress on chips and wafers during packaging and inspection.

LIKselect: compact and versatile to the extreme

As a modular, ultra-compact, high-accuracy and highly integrated linear encoder, the LIKselect from NUMERIK JENA is the pinnacle of versatility, capable of being adapted to nearly any application. This design flexibility is aided by a compact scanning head with integrated system electronics and the option of glass scales or stainless steel scale tapes.

Easily utilize full encoder accuracy in your application

It’s the perfect solution for high-accuracy rotary axes and an attractive alternative to air bearings: meet the MRP 8000 angle encoder module. TRANSFERABLE ACCURACY lets you harness the encoder’s specified accuracy without complex installation, adjustment, or component-matching. HEIDENHAIN has already done this for you, allowing you to focus on creating high-accuracy machines for semiconductor and electronics manufacturing.

MRP 8000: utilize full encoder accuracy in your application

Even with certified accuracy and a calibration chart, an encoder’s precious accuracy can be held back once it is installed in the application. This can have many causes, including soft installation components. The MRP 8000, featuring TRANSFERABLE ACCURACY, unleashes the encoder’s specified accuracy in your application thanks to:

  • A highly robust bearing
  • A second scanning head
  • A calibration data set for your control

As a result, the MRP 8000 can attain an astounding system accuracy of ±0.1 arc seconds within the application, where it is unfazed by mounting conditions or external factors such as vibrations, shock loads, or temperature fluctuations. This boosts both accuracy and performance, allowing you to increase axis motor speed without sacrificing accuracy.

Heavy-duty axes: unfazed by cogging torques or radial forces

The combination of an MRP angle encoder module from HEIDENHAIN and a torque motor from ETEL enables exceptionally smooth motion control. Neither disruptive cogging torques nor radial forces impair the bearing’s high guideway accuracy. Also available are the SRP 5000 angle encoder modules, highly compact systems featuring a low profile and high rigidity. The high rigidity of their components also ensures consistent accuracy under varying loads.

Take semiconductor and electronics manufacturing to a new level with high-end motion systems from ETEL

ETEL stages create new potential for accuracy, dynamic performance, and reliable processes in back-end and front-end semiconductor manufacturing and electronics assembly. Equipped with HEIDENHAIN encoders, these stages let you produce high-performance chips and compact electronics assemblies in minimal time, laying the foundation for the next generation of semiconductors. Discover the possibilities in our video gallery:

Bus operation with EnDat 3: fast, convenient, and economical

EnDat 3 is the ideal encoder interface for achieving high system integration while meeting the requirements of future digitalization, including in bus operation. EnDat 3 reduces cabling and puts extensive diagnostic capabilities at your disposal for greater safety and reliability in your automated systems. The interface’s universal communication technology transmits an extensive range of data beyond position feedback, including sensor data, system monitoring data, and data for automatic configuration.

Exposed encoders from HEIDENHAIN for highly dynamic linear and rotary axes: ERO 2000 and ERP 1000

The semiconductor and electronics industry is constantly developing. HEIDENHAIN contributes to this with its technological developments in the field of exposed encoders. The ERO 2000 incremental angle encoder, for example, was specifically designed for applications with high dynamic performance requirements and very limited installation space, such as galvano scanners. Or consider the ERP 1000, with its exceptionally high accuracy and resolution.

LIC 3000: exposed encoder from HEIDENHAIN for highly dynamic linear axes

The LIC 3000 series is joining the familiar series of LIC 4000 and LIC 2000 exposed absolute linear encoders. The LIC 3000 combines very small measuring steps of just 10 nm with traversing speeds of up to 600 m/min. The LIC 3000 linear encoders enable highly dynamic and precise position measurement on linear axes with measuring lengths of up to 10 m.

A large scanning field makes the LIC 3000 highly resistant to contamination. Localized impurities on the measuring standard have minimal effect on the signal quality and measurement reliability. Thanks to their dynamic performance, long measuring lengths, and robustness, the exposed linear encoders of the LIC 3000 series are particularly versatile, bringing the advantages of LIC encoders to even more applications.

Ultra-flat linear encoders: LIKgo and LIKselect from NUMERIK JENA

The LIKgo and LIKselect exposed linear encoders from NUMERIK JENA are ideal for tight installation spaces and high accuracy requirements.

The standard model, the LIKgo, is particularly small and lightweight. Its scanning head is a mere 28 mm x 13 mm x 7.5 mm in size and weighs only 10 g. The encoder’s newly developed two-field scanning method with a 20 µm grating period and measuring steps of down to 78.125 nm is extremely precise, delivers high signal quality, and is resistant to contamination.

For customized designs, the LIKselect encoders combine these benefits with the strengths of the Kit L series from NUMERIK JENA, giving you highly configurable encoders for your individual requirements.

For highly dynamic direct drive motors: modular encoders from RSF for maximum flexibility

The modular design of solutions from RSF offers maximum flexibility for integrating linear and angle encoders into your systems. This includes a large number of interfaces to all common numerical controls as well as a variety of mechanical designs. You also benefit from large mounting tolerances and thus very easy installation.

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